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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hurray!!! Its Finally HERE. The Long Awaited Nairabet VFL Live Video Training Course.

Hello Friend

A  very wonderful Tuesday Morning to you.

I am so happy Today, because i have accomplished another wish, by making it very easy for you to make money online.

For some days now, i have been telling you about Making A Live Video Recording on my Nairabet Virtual Football Betting Winning Formular.

I decided to make this video in order to make it very for you to understand the tricks i use to make Over 20kdaily on Nairabet.

I Don't want to talk too much about this, because it is perfect for you. You have no fear of whether or not, you will be able to understand the trick.

Its now in a video format.You just download the video to your phone or system, you watch and you play you game and win.    HERE IS MY PROOF  

In The Live Video Training Course, These are little of what you will find.

** The Full Meaning/Explanation Of Football betting and Some Popular Terminologies in Football Betting;

** How to Sign up on Nairabet;

** How to Fund/Deposit into your Nairabet Account Instantly With Your ATM Card and also Via Agents;

** My 3 Perfect Tricks which i use to win 95% Of your game On Nairabet Virtual Football League;                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
** The Ultimate Wrecknairabet Report by ADEBAYO TAIWO

** A Live Tutorial On to Turn $200 into $1200 on bet365 within just 48hours;

** A Full Guide On How To Get A Blackberry, Laptop, Andriod Tablet PC Device for as low as 14k, Shipped Directly to your Door Step Within Just 5Days;

** How To Open, Fund and Verify A Functional Paypal Account Right from you H;

** ALSO, My latest Free MTN BROWSING TWEAK which has been working for the PAST SIX MONTHS. (Very Fast, Efficient and Reliable);
This Live Video Training Course will guide you even while you are in your living room. You don't need to panic even after the training because you have something to guide you.

If you  Attended my Live Training Last Saturday, you will have Full and Free Access to my Live Training Course. It will be sent to your email address.

How to Order for the Videos?

*****   If you have gotten the Nairabet VFL ebook before, you will just have to pay $10
*****   If you just wan order the Nairabet VFL Package, you have to pay $20

To Order for the video, make a payment of $20 through western union money,here are my details:
first name : adebayo
last name : taiwo
city : lagos
country : nigeria
code : 23401
after sending your me your details including your name and your email adress to the following email i will send you the package as soon as i confirm the sending.
NB: if you are a nigerian just send it to the below bank account
name: adebayo ibrahim taiwo
bank account number :3066921388


  1. you guys are stupid. if you are so successful in the vfl shit why sell your fucking idea. foool

  2. I dont know why people can't help each other again. Must we pay bfor we get the shit.

  3. this dude is really hungry ..... he has this same post on different landing pages under different names .... if its really making yo that much money why not give it out for free.....


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    so what are you still waiting for guys, this is a wooping sum when converted to naira, its over #100,000.

    so start recording and try your can make use of your smart phone or any other device with video recording.cheers.

  5. this guys are big fools......u cant beat de bookies

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