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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Attitude Management

Everyone wants to be popular and prestigious among people around him. All the time people try to impress others without good reasons and impose their material thoughts upon them. Most of people perform certain acts just for the sake of being noticed by others and winning their praise all the way. They try to wear different clothes and adopt modern fashions which they think make them look impressive. Apparently they get an abrupt attention but it remains a fake attitude to be admired for a long time.
What is your real worth? It will be revealed by others when you are not present. People remain observing us all the time and we cannot deny this factor yet we are also afraid being witnessed continuously. This feeling keeps us uncomfortable and we are not relaxed or at ease all the time, which is quite natural.
If we want to manage our attitude we should change from within, we have to work on our attitude. We have to behave and take actions according to our inner motives, thinking and ego. One must be strong enough to mould his or her attitude according to situations and tough times.
It is a challenging job to be performed with inner decision and if somebody tries to handle tough situations by maintaining good gestures he or she must be appreciated and recognized within the people or if somebody fails to do so, he or she may become the laughing stock for others.
If somebody behaves in a strong manner with a positive thinking no doubt he or she will earn the respect from the other people and they will start admiring and giving value as a high profile personality. The popularity may come to uplift that person in the eyes of fellow beings. This will be quite satisfying and honorable too.
So it is the attitude which becomes so important rather than adopting the latest fashion and doing certain things which can bring a change in a positive manner. Superficial activities have a very timely and temporary effect rather good and positive attitude really makes you distinguished all the way.

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