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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Best Diet Plans

Human diet plays a vital role in the health and fitness of the body. Many of the diseases result out on account of malnutrition. Diet does not mean taking to full of appetite; it means a proper and balance intake of all the food essentials on daily bases. Therefore foods or liquids giving balance intake are known as complete foods. Certain constituents are the basic human body requirements and cannot be ignored. Its low intake results in malnutrition. A common wrong concept about malnutrition is perhaps is that it is Iow intake of food but the case is not so. Malnutrition means that you are taking food that lacks constantly the provision of one or more food essentials.
If you want to make your food completely balanced; you must take out the best diet plans menu for you. These diet plans need you to take out few minutes to take a review of what your body needs and in what proportion and quantity. You must this review before you go on as this will serve as a manifesto for you to take further steps. You must know that your body needs six basic food ingredients i.e. water, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals.
Water is the greater pillar building major proportion of our body needs. Therefore you must not forget taking regular 6-8 glasses of water daily. This should be the essential part of your diet plan. Low water intake will bring external and internal factors affecting your body functions and its regularity. It may cause wrinkles and your skin will look older than it is in fact. It may also lead dehydration and thus causing an internal weakness. Doctors and beauticians suggest regular drinking of 2 glass water after getting up in the morning before you eat anything else.
Proteins are the second important constituents and make second major portion of human health. You must include protein providing stuff in your food. Mostly vegetables and milk are the rich source of proteins and must be included in your diet plan. Egg is also the rich provision protein item and can bring many calories needed by your body limbs. Protein plays very important role in the healthy build up of our body. It makes teeth strong, brings healthy development to hair and builds part of the skin cells the rupture of which may result in the skin degeneration.
Carbohydrates are the third ingredient building up our food. Carbohydrates are found in potato and do not need to take in bulk quantity.
Lipids are the food fats and must not take in bulk quantity as these can bring obesity to you. So, you must know that access of fats can bring you the reasons of some diseases like heart attack, diabetes and liver diseases. Your diet plan must have a controlled amount of lipids which may not exceed the required amount needed by your body. The access of fats can also lead you joining a gym or club for its removal.
Vitamins are the food nutrients that vary in their required amount. These are complex molecules and its variations like Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, B6 and Vitamin C are the major wanted vitamins while vitamin K and F are also needed in small amounts. However, vitamins are needed in small proportions and usually do not bring any major harms if not supplied properly. But Vitamin B is the group that must be included in the diet plan as it is very important in the bone making especially in the teenage children.
Minerals make the least proportion of the food. These are not needed in major quantity and are found in more or less in every food item especially in vegetables.
You must keep in mind the demanded proportion of the food requirements. Now you need to build up a routine of your meals.  Few are simple tips which can help you designing the best diet plans.
  1. Take 6-8 glass of water including two glasses at getting up.
  2. Include salad of fresh vegetables like cucumber, green vegetables and mint.
  3. You must not forget including milk and egg in daily diet.
  4. Take fresh juices.
  5. The milk intake should be more than 1 liter daily.
  6. Take in wheat bread at least once in your diet.
These are simple do’s which can enable you to enjoy the best of your health.
Your health plans must also include some physical exercise. It can either be running, jogging or the exercise involving consumption of energy and burning of calories. The purpose of this is to maintain the blood flow in the body and continuous supply to all parts. It reduces the chances of heart attack and other threatening diseases. It also builds up stamina and keeps you fit.
Junk intake should be the minimum. Extra junk can spoil your diet plans bringing out negative results. Chocolates, ice cream and other high fat containing items should be reduced to the least as they bring high cholesterol level to your body and become a cause of panting and other gasping issues. This also brings obesity and your plans of being fit and smart go in dreams. Junk food is the root cause of many health issues and is strictly prohibited by the physicians. This is also revealed that junk food make people lazy and sleepy reducing their work capacity.
These are the best diet plans which you can implement by taking simple and basic steps. It will help you keeping away to visit a doctor as these steps can prevent you from chronic diseases. If you focus your healthy diet plans; you will feel yourself much better, relaxed and happy to go to work. The latest research revealed that human attitudes also vary as per their intake. Yes! This is shocking but true. You will often find yourself being attacked by the continuous bad moods and vice versa. Be fit and enjoy your health through diet plans.

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