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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Alcohol Intervention Restore Life

Alcohol has become an addiction more than a drug. Thousands of individuals ruin their lives and futures by getting addict of alcohol. Alcohol in itself may not be as hazardous yet it makes people habitual and develops a tendency in them to go for other drugs as well. Though, now days, it is difficult to claim that one never takes alcohol as a small quantity of alcohol is found in all cold drinks, drinks, scents and perfumes. Even it is also mixed with lime water by teenagers. Within the recent decade many alcohol interventions strategies are set by the Health Ministry of United States.
The first target of all drug and alcohol intervention programs is to educate people. There are many drug addicts who do not know the negative side of the picture and take it as fun or merry making. Many adults’ as well young school/ college going students feel strong temptation for drugs and ultimately start taking them. All these intervention programs aim at educating people how these drugs can prove killer for their life and how cruelly it rusts their organs of body. Developed countries have spent millions of dollars to support such programs and many of these programs are run in the supervision of the government.
Many of drug addicts are successfully gone through alcohol intervention programs and now are living successful and healthy life. Such patients are kept in special environment under strict supervision and gradually are brought towards normal life. For such successful living, the foremost important thing is of patient’s willingness and cooperation. Some unwilling and stubborn patients take relatively tough time to show some improvement. Many NGO’s provide annual grant for running of these programs and show keen interest in big projects. With every passing day, one or the other individual is reported to be treated by such programs.
Today when human life is always vulnerable, the need of the day is to get these intervention services for the addicts found in society. Some people assume that these interventions are good for nothing and waste money and time. This thought has gone falsified by the healthy young people who had gone through the treatment. Through good social programs and general awareness the ratio of alcohol addicts can be lessened to a great extent.
Parents play an important role in the development of amateur habits, this is necessary to consult some intervention program if they feel their child is getting victim of drugs. Media can spread the news of alcohol interventions and can prove very helpful in securing young people’s lives. This is important to give strong advertisement based on logical concepts. A country’s prosperity depends upon the fact how healthier its people are and drug addiction certainly weakens a nation.
Intervention Services Promise a Better Tomorrow
Drugs have victimized many lives and have proved entirely fatal for human life. With every passing day, one or the other person becomes a victim of drugs and finishes his life with his own hands. These drugs are like slow poison that seep through human organs gradually and eventually make them numb. Drug addiction is not something new, but the ratio of people loving it is astonishing indeed. Many teenagers feel great attraction and take it as a status symbol and become addicted forever. Though such cases cannot be finished completely, yet intervention services can help to control them.
If one thinks that intervention programs bring magic along and can bring cure overnight, he may get disappointed. All drug intervention programs work slowly and treat patient more on psychological level than on the physical one. The real thing is to create an urge in the patient that he gets desirous to get rid of his addiction. The stage where it is done is the real starting point. Along with the psychological treatment, special prepared medicines are used to replace the drugs. Initially a heavy dose of them is given to patient but it is decreased gradually. Ultimately a time comes where patient does not feel any need of taking one or the other medicine regularly.
There are ample chances that a person recovered once, may get addict for second time. Such cases are severe and need strong and vigilant supervision. Many a times, at the final stage these patients eventually fail to fight against the effects of drugs because of intense weak immunity system and die. Every state tries its best to reduce the number of opium eaters and drug addicted. For this reason many educational and general awareness programs are also run. These programs mainly target the young people as they are at initial stage and can be cured immediately.
The important thing is not to reduce the number of addicts only yet attention should also be paid to uproot such selling systems. The government should strictly ban all the selling and purchase of drugs. In many under developed countries, drugs are run as a proper business. A strong wave of anti drugs must be blown here supervised by the state or government. To assure that there is no such trade in country, there should be strong check and balance system and drug selling must be declared a serious crime by the state.
Many intervention services are available today that help to cure the patient and bring them to normal life. With the increasing awareness, people consulting these services are increasing day by day. This is famous saying that “What cannot be treated must be cured” and these services certainly bring cure.


  1. Addiction is not a moral issue.A professional intervention process aims to move the addicted adult from the cycle of crisis and provide motivation to immediately begin taking steps toward recovery.
    Alcohol Intervention
    Family Intervention

  2. What could be more frightening for a family who has someone addicted to drugs and alcohol than the thought of having to confront the person. I believe that alcohol intervention is never an easy thing to do. I am very thankful to have read your article as it gave me a clearer definition of this issue.

  3. you are welcome antoine,and I also thank you as well for taking your time to read my post too,God bless.