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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


As time goes and I have get know that most Muslims still don't know how perform ritual bath in Islam known as JANABAH after sex in Islam especially the youths,it is compulsory that you must perform this bath before you can start performing daily salat prayers because cleanliness is next to Godliness,I received so many messages from friends,outsiders telling me to teach them how to perform this ritual bath am about to talk and give full details here,i learnt this ritual bath process during my Arabic school days and i decide  to share it online,i believe this will be great chance for those searching and looking for way to get this process,the chance has finally come for to learn,you will come to thank me at the we go
#get a clean water,wash your hand ,wash your private part,then you will do ablution -wash everywhere once instead of three times e.g your hand,nose,mouth etc ,after that wash your head three times,divide your body and wash each part three times,make sure you wash the right hand side first,to make it much easier starting from hand side,wash from your shoulder to waist,then wash from waist to your leg,repeat the same process for left hand as well,after that wash your back three times and scrub to your chest...then pour the remaining water all over the are done,then you can start going to mosque.
NOTE: women can also use this process to perform JANAZAH -the ritual bath that a woman is to perform after child birth.

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