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Thursday, 29 November 2012


Misdirection. Lot’s of thought about this apparent miss-used word – confusion. It means instead wants to magicians that you look like? Or is looking for somewhere, he does not want to go. But it is not so simple. Deception is better developed in order to deceive the mind than the eye. No hand-eye faster than you think that myth. But if feels your brain that the magician’s hand is empty, of course due to factors such as not relaxed, tense, awkward and do not look so, of course, your brain tells you, “his hand is empty.” But set his hand is actually something to hide. Magician then has enough advantage over you, if you have learned. When an object is create to fool you, because there was some hand empty.
Surprise. Magic and illusion is all about the element of surprise. You just do not know what’s coming, and so, when it arrives, often get too silly. Remember, in those terms. If you wait in a quiet start to the cinema to cinema and to cry to someone in the back of the theater really hard to turn his instinct immediately and see that it sits crying out loud. It is a natural reflex. Magic is a series of surprises that do not help, but can react instinctively.
Magic and Illusion is a popular art form for hundreds of years. It is a love-hate relationship. The public would be deceived, but not, as the same. How can magic trick head when all the senses of your brain can be fooled? Here are some of the points are exactly how this happens:
    Choreography. Well choreographed illusions of the way of faith and logic results. Your brain naturally is in empty rooms to fill with the allegations. Like a magician, performing effect, we try to understand why these assumptions continue to convince yourself of what you see is be real and true. A Grand Illusion magic has more ingredients, but it is the basis for an amazing effect, to create not only fool the eye but also brains.
Human nature. We tend to believe what we said. Marketing gurus know this and spread the truth with lies in their marketing campaigns, if they try to sell you a product or a service. Mages are no different. We sometimes say the truth, are often and unfortunately for you, we do not know when or, therefore, is human nature to lean towards all believe in it. Human nature is a deep well of information that we have taken only the surface of understanding, but this factor is something that the magician more and more, so we try to fool even well with our magic and illusions to learn.
Attitude. Mood and attitude goes a long way to the magician to make you feel either or if they like something, the feeling is “fishy”. You can finger on what it feels like that because there is something intangible can be taken, but you know everything is really what it seems. You have to believe not necessarily think that the story says. If a magician is to be fool by an illusion that his approach and attitude is a sense of rationality relay successful. If this approach with great thoughts about what made behavior and what a magician he or she tries to tell the story of illusion, then it will not be a difficult task for deceiving.
    In general, magic is not logical. It is not nice and neat. Clean and tidy. Mix things. We are often ten steps ahead of you and what you know at this moment. If the element of surprise is not enough, we throw in other human and psychological techniques to distract us help our success fool a trick. Like a magician is to deceive the fight is not our audience, but entertaining them fool with something. It is a big difference between the two qualities.
I wish you all a magical life.

Ivan Amod is a full-time professional magician and performs his illusions 90 minutes intimate show at the beautiful Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, CA.

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